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Haana Yoo

Illustrator based in Irvine, California

I was born in Frankfurt, Germany, where I enjoyed a wonderful childhood rich in children’s culture until my family relocated to Korea when I was seven.


I was a passionate illustrator as a kid, making my own drawings to the fairy tales and stories I liked. Once in middle school, I started to receive formal art education and got on the path of becoming a fine artist. I studied painting in Germany and media arts in Korea, during which time I made art from big canvas paintings to hand drawn animations and puppet films. But it wasn't until my visit to the Bologna Children’s Book Fair that my heart reignited with passion, and I knew that making children’s books was my calling.

Now I live and work in sunny California with my partner and our dog Cinnamon. Aside from writing stories and drawing, I love watching scary movies, decorating and to travel the world. 

If you'd like to know what's currently cooking on my work desk, please visit me on my social media platforms. :-)

For publishing/illustration inquiries, please contact my agent
Stephanie Winter at



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